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Spartan History & Lore 

If you know me well, you know I am a devout Michigan State Spartans fan. I am also a fan of history. The movie The 300, while perhaps not great to many non-Spartans, is full of great imagery and history for the Spartan faithful. The history of the 300 and the battle of Thermopylae should not be forgotten. Contemporaneously with the release of the movie, the History Channel did a series on the Spartans which is fantastic.

Inspired Logo Design

Special thanks to Austin Roberts, my nephew and USC School of Architecture major, for designing the Thurston Advisory & Consulting logo which incorporates the image of an authentic Spartan shield and spear. The Spartans would fight in the Phalanx formation in great teamwork with one another. Moving together as a unit and working always in concert with one another, they were a formidable force. Matter of fact, in the Battle of Thermopylae King Leonidis led the Spartans and fellow Greeks to defend Greece against the multitude of numbers from the Persian Army led by Xerxes. The battle led to inspire the rest of Greece and the Spartans used their advantages, training, equipment and use of their terrain as force multipliers.


Application to Business

Small and medium size businesses can create similar force multipliers of their own to compete against those with deeper sources of capital. These businesses can work in concert with one another more so than larger organizations. Larger businesses need to leverage these multipliers for cost reduction and containment and to improve execution. The needs for effective communication and collaboration increase with scale. 

I want to help your business grow and leverage my network of fellow experts to help your business succeed and develop these force multipliers.


Γίνε πράσινος!  Γίνε Λευκός!  Εδώ είναι Σπάρτη! 

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